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Dec 9, 2016

Nanonis Tramea

 quantum transport measurements

The revolutionary approach to quantum transport measurements
The Nanonis Tramea™ quantum transport measurement system offers a novel and superior approach to transport measurements. It provides a measurement speed increase of up to 1000x compared to conventional measurement systems, superior performance in a smaller footprint, plenty of signals and a powerful and customizable user interface for today’s and tomorrow’s most sophisticated scientific research.

With high-resolution AD/DA conversion, signal conditioning and fast signal processing, Nanonis Tramea™ is a full replacement for the traditional measurement rack. But it is also more than just a higher-performance and higher-speed replacement for DC sources, lock-in amplifiers, multimeters, oscilloscopes and other instruments: Nanonis Tramea™ is a complete measurement platform, providing advanced data optimization algorithms, a high degree of customization, and a powerful framework that can be further adapted and extended with a wide range of add-on modules.
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  Product Overview
  • Base Configuration - the most compact Nanonis Tramea™ configuration.
  • Concept - The differences compared to a conventional measurement system
  • Software - A professional user interface for the most demanding experiments
  • Add-on Modules - add new capabilities and optimize your measurement system to meet your individual needs
  • Quantum Dot Simulator - test-drive Nanonis Tramea™ on a virtual quantum dot

  Measurement examples

Charge detector signal (conductance, differentiated mathematically) of a topgate-defined GaAs/AlGaAs double quantum dot as a function of left and right plunger gates. 45'000-point measurement, no speed optimization (about 30 minutes measurement time). The Electron temperature is slightly below 40 mK.

Courtesy of A. Hofmann, Nanophysics Group of Prof. Klaus Ensllin, ETH Zurich
Differential conductance of a carbon nanotube quantum dot as a function of source-drain bias and backgate voltage. Measured with the Nanonis Tramea lock-in module. The 120'000-point measurement took only slightly less than one hour with better data quality compared to 7 hours with the previously used set-up.
Temperature: 300 mK

Courtesy of A. Baumgartner, Nanoelectronics Group of Prof. Christian Schönenberger, University of Basel.
Conductance of a 800 nm wide Quantum Point Contact (differentiated mathematically) as a function of source-drain bias and gate voltage. The 500'000-points measurement took only 36 minutes with better data quality compared to the previously used conventional set-up. At maximum measurement speed the same measurement would take only 2 minutes
Sample parameters: GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructure n=1x10^11 cm^-2, u=4x10^6 cm^2/Vs, Temperature of 2K

Courtesy of S. Hennel, Nanophysics Group of Prof. Klaus Ensslin, ETH Zurich.


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