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Dec 9, 2016

NexGeneration UHV Suitcases

VSN40S UHV Suitcase with Cryo options 


Equipped with an optional liquid nitrogen dewar for active sample cooling, cryo shields (CTD50SHIELDS) enshrouding the sample, as well as a temperature measuring kit, this NexGeneration UHV suitcase enables transport of sensitive samples under cryo conditions in a truly portable, fully featured, especially compact, lightweight and slim UHV system.


The sample is situated within a customized cryo shield inside the suitcase in order to be protected from contamination coming off the chamber walls while the suitcase is cold. Integrated viewports in the shields allow for observation of the sample inside.


This example of a cryo version of a NexGeneration UHV suitcase is intended for the transport of sensitive cryo cooled samples without interrupting the cold chain or breaking the vacuum.

Special Features:


  • DN50CF top flange and dewar for liquid nitrogen (LN2)
  • Cryo shields inside the suitcase chamber protect the sample from warm surroundings
  • Active cooling of the sample via cooling block inside the shields
  • Temperature sensor mounted on shields
  • 2 additional service ports


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Specification Configured NexGeneration Cryo UHV Suitcase


This configuration of the VSN40S includes:

  • Ultra compact UHV-chamber
    Flange list VSN40SCH:
    1x DN40CF-R transfer flange
    1x DN40CF-WS for transfer manipulator
    2x DN40CF-T for Viewport
    1x DN40CF-WS for Pump: NEXTORR D100-5
    1x DN50CF-T for Liquid Nitrogen Dewar
    2x DN16CFT Service Ports
  • WM40-0500-YYYY Single Shaft Wobblestick Transporter DN40CF
  • TSWMSVSNHR Tube Support for Wobblestick on VSN40S(HLVR|HRVL)
  • CTD50SHIELDS Assembly of thermals shields for UHV suitcase including Liquid Nitrogen Dewar and Cooling Block
  • TMPSHIELDCF16 Temperature Measurement Kit for UHV Suitcases with Thermal Shields
  • VAT mini UHV gate valve, series 010, manual operation
  • NexTorr D-100-5 combination pump
  • LSA2.0 battery driven HV-supply
  • Set of cables
  • 2x viewports DN40CF, gaskets, bolt sets, sideplates, completely mounted
  • Side/baseplates and 1x carrying handle

Bakeout temperature: 150deg C max.
Fully UHV compatible materials
Weight: approx. 12-14kg, depending on configuration
Ready for use: delivered under vacuum.

Download drawings VSN40S NexGeneration UHV Suitcase (format A3):
VSN40S page 1/3: Product overview showing different configurations
VSN40S page 2/3: Options and order code
VSN40S page 3/3: Product detail in a scale of 1:1 to show the ultra-compact dimension

Download manual



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